Pull Out Testing Company in the UK for bolts, fixings and anchors.

Pull out testing for construction, steel erection and scaffold companies.

Pull Out Testing UK provide essential testing services throughout all UK counties which includes shear testing, surface bond testing load and stress testing, anchor bolt testing for construction companies, architects, steel fabrication companies, steel erectionpullouttesting uk companies, scaffold companies, health and safety companies, pipework installation companies and ship building companies.

We can conduct pull out testing either on a large scale or a smaller intensive scale.

Pull Out Testing UK will provide comprehensive, detailed reports to show that all pull out tests, anchor bolt tests and bolt testing that we carry out demonstrate that they meet the conformance of fixings to on site load levels.

Pull out testing services we provide:

Screw pull out testing:
Carried out in accordance with BRE Digest 421 Measuring the compressive strength of masonry materials:

Bluetooth Technology for testing:
Results are visual and recorded with time, date and GPS location of each test.

Heavy Duty Pull Out Testing:
This service is designed to meet the demand for proof load testing of larger construction fixings.

Medium Duty Pull Out Test:
Testing enables our engineers to confirm the holding power of anchors in most construction materials.

Scaffold Anchor Bolt Tests:
This service is used to check the suitability and allowable loads of an anchor type and check they have been installed correctly.

Eye And Bolt Testing:
For safety harness eyebolts to meet the requirements of PPE. Can also be used to test ladder restraint hooks and most ringbolts in concrete or masonry can be tested.

Bespoke pull out testing in accordance with specific client’s requirements.

Why use Pull Out Testing UK?

  • Exceptional knowledge and expertise in all types of tests.
  • Established Health and Safety record and documented Risk Assessments
  • Client focused
  • Industry standard testing equipment is used
  • UK coverage by professional technicians

Bluetooth Technology.

With digitial technology we are able to capture real time test results to our portable devices.

Pullout testing  results can be captured, recorded and an instant visual report can be shown to our clients on site and sent electronically saving time and unnecessary paperwork.

Bluetooth Technology Hydrajaws

We also specialise in the following pull out testing services.

  • Safety Post & Foundation Testing
  • Crash Barrier Testing
  • Motorway Sign Posts and Gantry Testing
  • Foundation Rebar Testing
  • Marine pad eye testing
  • Ships anchor eyes
  • Pier bolts
  • Container bolts
  • Steel structures
  • Rebar pullout testing
  • Wall tie testing

Types of testing equipment we use.

2000 medium duty tension tester 25Kn

Ideal for most construction materials to confirm the strength of anchors.

2008 heavy duty tester 145Kn

A portable unit designed to test larger construction fittings.

Hydrajaws scaffold tester

Designed to test scaffold ties, etc to ensure they conform to HSE guidelines.

Safety eyebolt and ringbolt testers

Designed to test eyebolts, ring bolts, safety harness connections, ladder restraints and bolts in masonry or concrete.